Ante-Natal Care: Planning a Head

The First 36weeks of pregnancy is a period every women seeks attention of an Obstetrician. Some Women find it hard to get a Personal Obstetrician while others don’t.

In whatever way, Kalson Medical Group works with contracted private Obstetricians to offer you an experience that you will be comfortable with during your follow ups.

During your Obstetric or Antenatal follow up, our Obstetrician will guide you through your pregnancy, identify any Medical ailments and any Complications, Monitor your progress, plan for your delivery and discuss with you at each every step of your Visit. If any Medical ailments are identified our Physicians will be requested and your health will be managed in completeness.

Kalson Medical Group will coordinate on your behalf at your comfort the means or mode of delivery that you will undergo with affiliate hospitals. All Pregnant Mothers who will undergo Caesarian Section/Operations will be aware in advance from their attending Doctor who will lead the coordination with affiliate Hospitals while you are comfortable. Kalson Medical Group will do the running and planning while you wait for the time.

Antenatal Care Planning a Head Program compromises of the following  but not exclusive as every prospective Mother’s Needs are tailored accordingly;

  • Initial Information details and History
  • Initial Vital signs, Weight and Height
  • Initial Bio-Chemical indices
  • Initial Physical Examination
  • Initial Ultrasound scan
  • Discussions of Any Risks
  • Subquent Follow up Visits
  • New information and concerns arising
  • Vital signs, Gain in weight,
  • Bio-Chemical tests if necessary
  • Physical examinations
  • Fetal Position and Health
  • Ultrasounds scan for Placental Position and Any Congenital Abnormalities
  • Down syndrome screening if applicable
  • Discussions of any risks or concerns
  • Planning Mode of Delivery
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