Breast Cancer Screening

Annual physical exams as well as mammography’s can detect breast cancer. All women of reproductive age are encouraged to seek knowledge in self-Breast examination. Kalson Medical Group can assist you through an appointment on how best to examine your breast and what aspect you should be concerned with at your own free time in your own privacy. A chart taking you step by step on self-Breast examination is available here

Women beginning at age 40 are encouraged to have a mammography screening yearly. You will need a physician's order for this screening.

Breast Cancer has various types pathologically and its often an aggressive cancer that requires early detection for complete cure.

There are several factors that increase the risk of developing Breast Cancer. Family History of any cancers, Negative history of breast-feeding, Cigarette smoking, Alcoholism and Aging are a few of associated factors.

Treatment for Breast Cancer is available in Uganda which includes surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy on scheduled program.

Please be aware that early detection through annual and routine examination is the key for the best survival and treatment out-come.

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