Cervical Cancer Screening

Early age of sexual intercourse is determined among others as a Risk factor for developing Cervical Cancer. This means that if you started having penetrative sex at the age of 15years, you risk for cervical cancer starts at that age since logically it means that it isn’t your last encounter. Multiple sexual partners further increase the risk 2-fold.

Because of these risk factors and other associated factors as Cigarette smoking, Alcoholism, poor Hygiene, Genetic factors, late Menopause, HPV Co-infections, Cervical cancer screening is recommended annually to detect early stages.

It is recommended that women age 21 through 64 have a yearly cervical screening.

Kalson Medical Group’s General Physician, Gynecologist and Pathologist can help you through with detailed information, what you need to know and what the screening procedure looks like in a comfortable, warm environment and at your own selected time.

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