Cholesterol Management

With changing life styles and morden way of living in yet a complicated survival trends, majority of our populations are predisposed to risks that will finally cause heart disease.

One of the major risks is high Cholesterol levels in an environment lacking enough exercise. Kalson Medical Group can help you with maintaining a healthy life through our program that is proficient and dedicated to lowering your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.

Blood tests and lab work should be evaluated periodically to check cholesterol levels in prevention of heart disease related to high cholesterol levels. This requires dedicated medical staff that should be keen in monitoring these levels. Various Hospitals are currently offering these programs and it’s your choice to make commitment. Kalson Medical Group is more interested in you accessing this program from any where for your own benefit and health.

According to the recent studies, unhealthy blood cholesterol levels are a major risk factor for heart disease--the number one killer of  men and women. A desirable "total cholesterol" reading is less than 200 mg. LDL-C is the "bad cholesterol" because it deposits cholesterol in the artery walls. You are advised to keep this number under 100 mg/dl if you have no risk factors.

Your Primary Care Physician will test your cholesterol and suggest ways to manage it after an acute cardiovascular event.

For more information regarding managing your cholesterol please contact KMG's Primary Care Physician


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