Ciggerate Cessation

Smokeless Life

You may be having difficulty to stop/quit Cigarette smoking despite the numerous efforts and assistance. You may be extremely addicted to nicotine. There are various brands and methods of nicotine use: Western Stick-Filter Ciggarate commonly in the shops such as Sportsman, Traditional unprocessed Tobacco Known as ‘Mindi’, Arabic-style of Shisha and the non-smoke type commonly Indian- called ‘Tambu’. All provide a source of Nicotine with minor differences in risks.

Most Men and Women try their best to abandon this bad habit that tends to die the hard way. Some stop for a week but later return to it others cease for months while majority can only afford to cease for 2-4 days. What reverses a successful start to cease the bad habit back to re-initiating it again? There are various reasons from stress, withdrawal effects, and peer pressure to keeping-up appearance.

Whichever the reasons is, Kalson Medical Group shares your efforts, struggle, worries, concerns and our comprehensive team is available to walk with you along the path of stopping Ciggarate and finally kicking the habit out of your life. Cessation is complete only if you attain one year of non-Ciggarate smoking period.

Our Smokeless Life Program combines different treatment approaches tailored to achieve maximum benefit on individual patient.

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Can you quit and live a Life without Smoking/Chewing Tobacco?

Only 4% - 7% of smokers can completely quit smoking or chewing Tobacco on their own without supportive medications or treatment. This means Majority of Smokers/Chewers will need treatment and support to achieve a smokeless life.

Economic of Smoking, Do you care?

Imagine this: Sportsman costs 150/= each. Your daily intake on average is 10 sticks translating to 1500/= per day. You have smoked for 20yrs. 1500 x 365 x 20 =10,950,000 UGX equivalent of $ 4240. Now if you started smoking at 20yrs, after 20yrs you are 40yrs, you will have wasted or burnt $4,240. Is this worth the risk of Lung Cancer that will cost you a life-time fortune worse early premature death????

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