Our populations are growing larger than 30yrs ago when Uganda was just 10million people. Today as you walk, work, travel, sport or go for a picnic, you will not avoid close contact with inanimate or sharing contaminated objects. This is very common with fungal infections that are very common in our environment.

These affect the scalp, skin and nails although more serious cases affect the inside of our bodies especially our Lungs and in women inside their birth canal.

Women appear to suffer more from scalp fungal infections due to frequent use of artificial hair that limits daily scalp cleansing. Skin Fungal infections arise from sharing same clothes or towels, sleeping on the some bed coverings or longer body contacts such as in long distance travel with persons who have the skin disease.

This branch of medicine is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. 

Kalson Medical Group can help you identify the type of skin disease you have and what kind of treatment it requires. Our Primary care Physicians will determine your need to see a dermatologist and when appropriate will refer you to one of our specialist.

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