Clinical Psychology

This medical specialty is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of behavioral disorders.

Very Often we undermine the relevancy of this treatment strategy in managing our patients yet from this treatment worthwhile information can be obtained to address the underlying cause of disease. If we can get the cause then we can treat effectively.

Uganda has very few Qualified and certified clinical Psychologist due to lack of demand or due to lack of knowledge of its existence and thus under utilizing its availability.

Kalson Medical Group partners with qualified Clinical psychologist to offer you this service. This service can only be offered after your Primary physician determines the need to seek further valuable assessments.

Our assessments include determination of the level of mental retardation, Autism, psycho-social cause of Drug, Alcohol and substance addictions, Personality disorders, Juvenile disorder and many more.

Your Primary Care Provider will assess your need to see a Psychologist. If medically necessary, he/she may refer you to a psychologist for further evaluation and treatment. 

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