Meaningful Counseling

Counseling is regarded by many persons as getting a lecture on how to go about the parameters/challenges of difficult situations, sad news, terminal illness or chronic disease. This perception is common among many communities and families.

Kalson Medical Group would like to inform you that that is not the correct perception. Counseling is far more different than what you may think. You or you and your family will meet exciting yet qualified personalities in an interactive meeting that is compelled to dissect difficult situations, difficult decisions in a respectful environment having the objectives of attaining meaningful goals that are focused in maintaining a good health.

Its not a lecture by a medic but a meeting point with someone who knows you less, who wants to know you better through mutual dialogue, who sees your concerns, worries, difficulties, decisions in your own perspective and therefore who will not make conclusive remarks or judgment on you but becomes your guidance while you open your own door of positive reasoning and decision making.

Kalson Medical Group’s seasoned counselors are available to provide Youth targeted counseling that empowers the young blood with confidence allowing them to openly discuss meaningfully and decisively without influence in a comfortable environment that protects their privacy as young adults. Discussions often sought include but not limited to Sexual reproductive health, HIV, STI, Rape, Abuse, Alcohol, Drug and Substance use/Addiction and  Teenage Pregnancy.

If your Primary Care Physician determines that you need counseling services, you may be referred to the appropriate provider according to the requirements.

Please be aware that some insurance policies do not provide coverage for counseling services, while others limit the type of counseling services you can receive, or to whom you can go to for counseling.

Kalson Medical Group utilizes the services of various seasoned and experienced Counselors to provide counseling services primarily for senior Citizen concerns, families, individuals and youth.

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