Medical Billing

Kalson Medical Group’s Business Office can provide you with information about the billing process and guide you through today’s complex world of medical billing.

Our Billing Office staff can answer your questions regarding patient billing and insurance.

Our office prepares and files your insurance claims based on the information you provide to us. To process your claim, it is essential that you provide us with accurate and complete information.

To keep your insurance information up to date, our offices will frequently request updated copies of your insurance card submitted directly or from your insurance provider. The responsibility of availing us updated information rests upon you or your provider in a timely manner without causing unexpected inconveniencies.

KMG runs highly proficient medical administration software which including quick access to your records also includes your billing records just at the finger tips. All these information are highly secured through a back-up system without any threat of loss of information.

At any time that you request your medical records or your medical records are requested by a third party with your written consent, KMG is ready to avail this information as soon as you need it.

It’s also paramount for you to understand that the information that you avail to us in accuracy and completeness is confidential which can not be shared with any one including your insurance company without your written and signed consent.

The consent Form is readily available upon request.

Kalson Medical Group