Medical Legal Forensic Pathology

This part of medicine deals with  various spectrums  of cause of  injury and death in order to seek the defining insult building up to a case that may finally need legal address.

Some of the presentations often brought to the attention of the Forensic Pathologist include claimed rape, Assault, Child Abuse, reported suicide, death due to unknown cause and death claimed to be due to negligence of a third party.

Kalson Medical Group is positioned to assist you through coordination with available Forensic Pathologist to address suspicions as well as making a conclusive diagnosis.

In undertaking such assistance, Kalson Medical Group follows the legal procedures that includes a referral from Criminal Department of Police warranting Medical Forensic evaluation and diagnosis and follows all protocols and reporting procedures as stipulated by the Law.

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Our in-house Pathologist:

Dr Biratu Okla

Senior Pathologist

Senior Forensic Pathologist

Kalson Medical Group