Diabetes Tailored Care

Today Diabetes which was associated with old age 40yrs ago is affecting more young people due to changes in our life style. More young people, young families are engaged in habits and behaviors that are traditionally new. We are eating less and less of traditional foods while opting for fast-foods whose content carries high risk carbon-chains that predispose to Obesity, heart disease and hypertension.

Diabetes Type 2 is now more common than in the past years and is heavily associated with Obesity although family history of diabetes still carries weight in the risk factor. Nevertheless, obese persons are at higher risk of developing Diabetes Type 2 mainly due to the resistance of fat to insulin. Today Obesity is classified as a disease and not mere fatness requiring customized, tailored treatment over a period of time.

Kalson Medical Group is glad to offer you a comprehensive diabetic care through a flexible tailored program that entails principles, discipline, monitoring, evaluating and achieving target objectives in keeping your health as good as possible while preventing any further complications and setbacks.

Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, characterized by high Blood sugar levels detected through blood test either self-test or from a lab and spilling of sugar in urine resulting from inadequate production or utilization of insulin.

According to the recent studies, reducing your HbA1c levels has a direct effect on reducing the complications of diabetes, such as kidney failure, blindness and nerve damage. The amount of HbA1c in your blood reflects your blood sugar control for the past 90 days. It is used along with daily blood sugar checks to help develop a treatment plan to keep you healthy.

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