Pain Management

Pain Management is the process of providing medical care that alleviates or reduces pain. Pain management is an extremely important part of health care, as patients forced to remain in severe pain often become agitated and/or depressed and have poorer treatment outcomes. What takes patients to the hospitals/Clinics is mainly due uncontrollable pain.

Chronic pain is a major challenge among many patients and more common with patients diagnosed with terminal illness. Kalson Medical Group is proud of Hospice an organization that is dedicated in pain management among terminally ill patients in Uganda.

Kalson Medical Group focuses on chronic pain that may not necessarily be from terminal illness. Our patients have access to back-pain management Programs, Joint-Pains Programs, Post-Surgical Pains and other forms of pain.

Through a referral by your Primary Care Physician, Kalson Medical Group patients have access to pain management specialists who utilize various modalities including Nerve Blocks.  

This program has been established by a physician specializing in anesthesiology for our patients with chronic pain. Based on diagnostic and physical findings determined by your primary care provider, special procedures may be performed to help alleviate or eliminate your pain. The provider practices a multi-disciplinary approach and will consult with your treating physician in the decision-making process for the best treatment and management of your pain.


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