Patients Responsibilities

Kalson Medical Group and her staffs do require her clients to act reasonably and thus they should have the below responsibilities;

  • Be familiar with the benefits and exclusions of their insurance plan package
  • Provide the KMG’s health care provider with complete and accurate information, which is necessary for the care of the patient (to the extent possible).
  • Be on time for all appointments and notify the provider's office as far in advance as possible for appointment cancellation and rescheduling.
  • Report changes in the patient's condition according to provider instructions.
  • Inform providers of the patient's inability to understand information given to him/her.
  • Treat the health care providers and staff with respect and dignity.
  • Contact the patient's primary care physician (or covering physician) for any care, which is needed after that physician's normal office hours.
  • Obtain an authorized referral from the patient's primary care physician for a visit to a specialist and/or to receive any specialty care.
  • Follow the treatment plan, which has been developed and agreed upon by the health care provider and patient, and understand the health problems and participate in developing mutually agreed upon treatment goals to the degree possible.
  • Be familiar and comply with Kalson Medical Group’s health care service delivery system regarding questions and assistance.
  • Respect the rights, property, and environment of all physicians and Kalson Medical Group provider, staff, and other patients.
  • Pay required co-payment or co-insurance amounts.
  • Should use KMG facility and its properties in a respectful manner and avoid damage, is-use or spoil any of the properties tangible or non-tangible.
Kalson Medical Group