Prostate Cancer Screening

Men over 45yrs carry a potential risk of Prostate cancer. It’s not definitive that every man will have prostate cancer at his old age but rather every male in advanced age is potentially affected and at risk.

Will you sit and wait or will you pro-actively consult your family Physician who will weigh the benefits of screening or not screening. The choice remains in your hands.

Currently we don’t have a standardized protocol of Prostate Cancer screening however the commonly used PSA Test has its own cons and pros.  Either way your family physician is best suited to make a more sound decision.

Kalson Medical Group encourages you to seek consultation with your family physician for evaluation and the need for early screening.

This Service is available at Kalson Medical Group. Our Physician will guide you through, discuss with you about any concerns, evaluate you physically through a physical examination and it’s your choice to make the first step.

Our physician will explain and discuss with you on expectations and Treatment Plans with shared consultation from Pathologist, urologist, Oncologist and radio-therapist.

Early screening increases the chance of early detection and early management and Cure.

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