Radiology Services

Kalson Medical Group moves with time embracing advancing medical technology and offers you a point in time Radiology service using advanced Computerized Radiology System.

Our Radiology Technologist or Radiographer is certified and approved by the Atomic Energy Council well acquainted and understands the implications of Radio exposure.

Kalson Medical Group accepts referrals from various Health care Clinics, Hospitals and Physicians. Patients referred Must possess referral letters from their Physicians clearly addressed to Kalson Medical Group with details of the request and full names, contact of the referring Physician.

Your protection during Radio-Exposure is what Kalson Medical Group takes as a priority and our technologist will guide you, share with you Privacy concerns and apply protective lead Aprons to areas of concern. Various protective lead are available for Gonads and reproductive organs, thyroids, Pregnancy and more others.

It is difficult to position infants and children during X-Ray imaging which is normally a challenge to many technologists however Kalson Medical Group uses Papport Boards that apply restraining efforts to keep them motionless and well positioned. Exposure is takes a few seconds thus parents should not be worried.

All Radiological images undergo Quality control by our physicians and are electronically recorded ready to be shared with your referring physician through email or on a CD after Kalson Radiologist reporting.

Our Policy ensures that your Radiological image is archived and accessible on demand when necessary for at Least 5yrs. You are rest assured that you can always depend on Kalson Medical Group for your past Records.

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