Refugee Medical Service

Kalson Medical Group provides a unique environment, a sense of comfort combined with unique experiences when it comes to refugee problems.

The different dialect spoken by our physicians and paramedics makes Kalson Medical Group a friendly environment that understands cultural differences, attitudes, beliefs and different backgrounds. Kalson Medical Group pays respect to the diverse cultures without compromising health service.

The major languages that are spoken at Kalson Medical Group are Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali, Arabic and English in addition to the Local languages Luganda, Lusoga, Acholi and Kinyankole. These Languages cover East Africa including Rwanda and South Sudan and the Horn of Africa

Not Only Kalson Medical Group avails itself with such an environment, KMG goes further to make it simple and easy on coordination and Linking Service to Service through concerted efforts for the best interest of Refugees.

 Why We go this extra mile, its because we understand how difficult it can be for a foreign person who is exiled from his mother land to find his way so easily without getting lost in a foreign land, place and town.

If you are Refugee and you think you need Medical assistance or consultation we have a Map that is easy to follow, Print it out if you have access to a connected computer or at any internet café near you or call our support desk for help.

Kalson Medical Group is equally available and accessible for Organization or Agencies that would like our Group Medical assistance for Refugees.


Kalson Medical Group