Senior Citizen Program

Geriatric Medicine is a specialized medical practice that pays attention to the elderly persons. Just as there is specialized practice for young children-pediatric medicine, Geriatric is internal medicine for the elderly whose biological system has grossly changed due to advanced age.

Aging comes along with changes in our systems like poor Vision, reduced body Volume, poor absorption, reduced muscle tone and bulk, reduced food absorption, loss of immunity and many other changes.

These changes differ between men and women. Most times families caring for Senior Elderly Persons face enormous challenges often failing to make appropriate decisions.

In many cases, elderly persons frequently complain of various aches and pains that end up into family regular prescriptions and over-medication with resulting cumulative drug toxicities.

A chronic headache may be resulting from constipation that could be easily eradicated by administering pawpaw, avocado or a laxative instead of paracetamol.

 We do understand the complexity surrounding the care of elderly persons even sometimes we frequently don’t know or understand the intricate underlying diagnosis.

 Kalson Medical Group encourages you and your family to always seek your family physician’s opinion, advice or consultations to avoid overdose-medications.

 We at Kalson Medical Group can help you in caring for your seniors, guiding you to make meaningful decisions and over all manage and apply treatment where necessary to improve the Quality of life.


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