GCC Kingdom of Saudi Medical requirements

Kalson Medical Services is accredited to perform Visa Medical Examinations for Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Visa usually called “Enjaz” is applied for by you or your agency depending on the category of Visa.

All persons travelling to Saudi Arabia as Expatriates shall need a Visa and Medical examination.

Students going for Studies shall require Medical Examinations.

Short-stays don’t require medical examinations. For exemptions on visa Medical examinations contact the Embassy of royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for detailed information.

Our Health Facility follows the Gulf Health Council rules and regulations.

You or your local Recruitment Agency will process your Visa electronically. During your Visa processing you will provide your agency with the necessary documents as required.

What you need to carry with you.

If you are processing your visa and travel arrangements through a local Recruitment Agency, your agency will provide/bring the following documents to our health facility:-

  1. A headed letter requesting medical examinations for your clients.
  2. The letter should contain the names and passport numbers of your clients
  3. The letter should be signed by the Agency Authorized person and your agency MUST be registered with UAERA as member.
  4. A copy of passport for each of your clients that bares your agency’s stamp.

If you are making your own travel arrangements and processing your own visa, you will provide our health facility with:-

  1. A letter requesting Visa Medical Examination from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  2. GAMCA Slip Number or
  3. A copy of your valid Passport. 

You may opt to send your requesting letter through email. This is highly recommended.

All Local Recruiting Agencies MUST introduce physically their operational officers to our health facility to prevent unknown strangers and human traffickers.

Once your Medical Examinations are completed, the Medical Certificates shall be received by your Agency for futhure Visa processing.

All Medical Certificates/Reports shall be submitted through GAMCA webportal for tracking by the relevant Authorities.

If our health facility finds any Abnormalities with your medical Examination, Our Clinical Nurse will place a call to your telephone contact that you provided and an appointment shall be scheduled for a post-Test Counseling.


  • All clients are strongly advised to be cautious with unknown persons unless they are able to identify themselves using their local recruitment Agency Identification card and you have visited their office.
  • Don’t make any payments until you have enough information about the recruiting agency.
  • Always ask for receipts of any payments that you make.
  • Always know the names of persons or local recruiting agency and address by writing them down on a piece of paper and share it with a person close to you.
  • If you make payments with our health facility Don’t Forget to ASK FOR A RECIEPT.
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