Who we are

KMG was inspired by her own patients and the need for a comforting medical care program that gives satisfaction. We are a Group of Medical Doctors with various backgrounds, experiencies and expertise bonded together to optimize our patient’s needs.

It’s often difficult to access a complete health care service under one roof with current evolutions in disease and health care however KMG brings a more comforting approach that simplifies health care services. This simplicity is made by a complete understanding of the medical and health care needs of our patients needs from their own perspective. KMG is fortunate to have an impressive team on board of health care professionals, Support personnel and Administrators who completely understand the dynamics of health care services and the Mission of KMG.

The inspirations from our patients have made us who we are today and through them we have glued our activities in unison sharing our common goal and commitment to optimize and improve the health/wellness of our very own patients and their families.

In achieving our mission’s plan to bring our patients personalized service, KMG formed partnership throughout Kampala District with independent physicians to deliver a full range of services from our own private offices.

Our partnerships are extended to international and local hospitals as we continue to grow as the area’s most respected medical group.

KMG’s clinical facility is equipped with some of the most useful diagnostic equipment, as well as a comprehensive electronic medical records system. This is intended to make it simple for our patients who may request time and gain of their medical reports in the shortest time possible. Our on-line service, “Make an Appointment”, provides patients with an easy-to-use internet portal to schedule appointment from any where they are, request a prescription refill and many more.

Our Vision is to consolidate every effort that we spend, every knowledge that we gain from our patients and their families in the betterment of their health and wellness.

All this we do in a sincere effort to offer our patients the best in healthcare for the enjoyment of Life…!

Kalson Medical Group