Your Life Choice

When faced with a critical or terminal illness, you have the option to choose the type of care you want, the kind of treatment you will undergo, and the way you live your life. 

At Kalson Medical Group, we want you to know and understand your options so you and your loved ones can make the choices that are right for you.

KMG’s Your Life Choice program serves the special needs of patients with critical or terminal conditions as they experience the reality of a progressive, life-limiting disease. One of the primary goals of Choose your Life is to empower patients and their families with knowledge and information.

As a participant in the program you will receive the information you need to make informed decisions and the support you need to ensure your wishes are honored. KMG’s Your Life Choice program is designed to guide patients and their families through one of life’s most difficult times.

Family members with patients in KMG’s Your Life Choice program are encouraged to participate in discussions regarding the patient’s diagnosis, treatment options and care alternatives.  Our program has a team of specialized physicians and nurses who will   explain all the treatment options available. You can rest assured that they will   respect and support the decisions you and your family ultimately make.  In addition, they will provide information on long-term care options and health plan benefits available to you.

Decisions for Life

KMG’s Your Life Choice team will help you understand the details of preparing Advance Directives.   Advance Directives are legal documents that ensure your family,   physicians and hospital staff know what your wishes are should you be unable to do so for yourself.  When Advanced Directives are carefully prepared, they can ease the burden on those who will be called upon to make healthcare decisions for you.


KMG partners with Hospice to provide a holistic Program. Hospice is an NGO tha cares for patients with incurable diseases. When medical treatment cannot cure a disease, hospice can provide pain management and other comfort care, assistance for caregivers, and other supportive services to the   patient and family..

Electing hospice care does not mean “giving up.” Rather, it is a choice to live life peacefully and comfortably as possible.

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