Adoption Medical Services

Agencies or Organizations that are engaged in Adoption Processing both Local and international may be facing challenges when it comes to where they should seek Medical review for their prospective Child.

Kalson Medical Group offers a comprehensive medical processing for the purpose of completing an adoption process. Prospective parents or their representing firm/Agencies/organization may directly book an appointment with Kalson Medical Group.

Kalson Medical Group understands the needs of the prospective parents paying attention to the details of the adopting process. Kalson Medical Group’s Dr. Abdul Ali, who has enormous experience for the past 8 years as a Panel Physician for the US Embassy, Canadian Immigration Commission and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and worked for the International Organization for Migration, understands well the local and international adoption Policies in place.

Prospective Parents are encouraged to avail all the necessary details in accuracy which includes Birth dates, Child’s History both social and Medical, immunization records and past or current histories of trauma or abuse.

If such history is unavailable to the prospective Adopting parents, the social worker who is best familiar with the Child should accompany the prospective adopting parents during Medical interview.

Kalson Medical Group urges Prospective adopting Parents and Agencies or Organization to avail credible information without conflict of interest during the medical interviews.

Where parents of the Child undergoing adoption process are alive and existing, Kalson Medical Group seeks to attain Consent and Identification of such parents in order to complete accurate medical processing.

All medical processing outcome are electronically completed, signed and can be emailed to prospective parents or requesting Agency or Organization on the same day. All records are archived electronically which if requested at a later date other than the day of actual processing can be retrieved automatically.

Kalson Medical Group is glad to share with you a comfortable experience during your Adoption Processing and Wishes you a happy family.

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